Cupping (拔罐) is a therapy that originated in China. It helps remove stagnation and stimulate the blood flow within your body to enhance your health condition.

Traditional cupping in China uses alcohol and fire to create negative pressure in the cup, the practitioner then puts the cup upside down on your skin; While in western countries, using fire for cupping is not allowed. The practitioner uses a special design of cup which creates suction. Both ways involve placing cups on the skin. The suction relieves muscle tension, and it boosts blood flow to promote cell repair.

The cups are usually placed on the back, neck, and shoulders. It is usual to cause temporary bruising or soreness, depending on the level of internal stagnation.

Having cupping after a massage could make you feel a lot of ease and the effect could last longer. You will feel more comfortable right after the treatment.

Things to consider before cupping

Do not cupping when ..

- you are too hungry or too full

- you got a fever

- you are pregnant

- you are female and having period

- you have wound on the area

- you have skin condition

After cupping..

- do not take shower within 2 hours

- better to use warm water for shower

- wait until the bruise disappear before the next cupping

Some people should not have cupping, including

- People with heart disease

- People with cancer

- People with an internal organ disorder

- Children

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