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Essential Oils & Massage

Essential oils are extracted from plant. It smell great, boosts mood and helps reduce stress. Using an essential oil, either blended with massage oils or in a diffuser, will bring you beneficial changes in your mind and your body.

Psychological benefits

Essential oils can be used for different type of massage, and it has been proved to be more effective. The pressure during the treatment may vary from light to strong. It provides emotional healing and relaxation, such as improving sleep quality, relieving headaches and reducing anxiety.

Physical Benefits

It is a holistic method of healing that does not involve drugs. Recent research indicated that It has a greater positive impact compared to placebos or control treatments. Physical benefits include reducing anxiety and pain, reducing inflammation, relieving headaches, soothe sore joints.

Adding an essential oil for massage leverages the benefits. We will choose the essential oil that is most suitable for you.

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