MELT Method

What is Melt Method?

Melt method is a self-treatment that helps easing pressure in the fascia to improve the supportive qualities of the connective tissue system. It prepares you for daily life and restore your body after any activities.

Repetitive stress injuries and poor posture causes chronic pain, which could be eliminated by MELT. By using a gentle tool – melt balls and melt rollers, you can do MELT at home. It is a pain-free method and easy to learn. Spending 10 mins, 3 times a day brings you a wide range of benefits.

The ultimate outcome of Melt is to relief chronic pain, restore balance and repair itself. Stress and tension will be reduced through practice. Besides, it could help falling asleep more easily and having more energy. This way maintains a healthy body and slow down the aging process.

Who can it help?

Melt is for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy body. It helps you to –

Release stress

Correct misalignment in the body

Relief chronic pain

Reduce risk of injury

Sleep better

Maintain a fit body

Restore balance

Slow down aging process

Serendipity Massage can provide sessions for learning these techniques. Please contact today.

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