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Mental Health and Massage Therapy

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health?

Mental Health is described as the state of psychological and emotional well-being. We want to keep this in balance to have a healthy life. We all make choices in life. Our choices are based on our thoughts, feelings, and peers. When we are under influences of those factors can change the outcome. We can start our day as happy and amazing but at the end of the day we are tired and exhausted. Now what caused this? Well, it is our surroundings, and stresses of life.

Covid-19 had sent a whirlwind of changes our way. From the norm to working in an office at a 9-5 job, homelife. The changes of being at home on a computer for work. Not seeing people face-face in the community of the office. Having the daily meeting at the water cooler just to take a break from the desk. We are sitting at home, with family, and adjusting to life.

The balance of life drastically changed in 2 years. How do we cope? Some of us excelled in hobbies: cooking, baking, exercise, and getting a family pet. We have developed longer computer hours, organized our day to the fact of being at home all the time.

With these changes a lot had happened, some of us suffered depression, anger, loneliness, not eating properly, no energy, intrusive thoughts. These are some signs of mental health problems. Balance of our state was gone.

How do we fix this?

We decided to go for a daily walk, be in nature. Start eating properly and dividing our day with family time and work time. Seeking dr. recommended medications to help with the mood. Even pampering ourselves with massage. We had to start to love ourselves again, in amongst all the changes.

Massage Therapy and Mental Health

Swedish, Therapeutic techniques can help decrease the tension felt within our bodies. Seeing a new face and be welcomed into a safe place. Where you can share how you are feeling and being able to let go of the stress that you are holding onto. Having rhythmic techniques done on the body will decrease the heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption and salivary control. Massage can help improve sleep and alleviate symptoms of chronic pain from the stress of illness. It will decrease stress, anxiety, and reduce irritability. Can increase the serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

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