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Snow, Stress, and Massage

Winter has arrived! Although snow creates a wonderful landscape outdoor, we sometimes feel discomfort and stress during the cold season. In winter, our muscles and joints may stiffen. Aches and pain could cause by low temperature. Massage could be a way to help us feel more comfortable in the cold season.

Cold weather causes blood pressure to rise, but it could be improved by massage. Massages increase healthier blood pressure levels and enhance the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Having massage help boost the immune system and prevent us from sickness. It increases circulation to muscles, joints, and organs, which enhances body warmth. Also, It is proven to improve our skin hydration by stabilizing the collagen to contribute to our skin’s elasticity.

Seasonal depression is common during winter. Massage improves mental health by reducing our stress levels. When we are relaxed, our body releases feel-good hormones to increase our happiness, so we could keep away from winter blues.

Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are effective ways to relieve congestion and tension; Hot Stone Massage increases our internal body temperature, helping us erase the chills, relieve pains as well as relieve stress. These are nice ways to keep you comfortable.

Come to enjoy a relaxing massage in a wonderfully warm room, you will see how regular massage can make you feel better physically and mentally.

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