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Spring Has Finally Arrived in Manitoba

I am glad to say spring has arrived. I was done with winter. Now we have wet, cold and messy weather. It is really nice to see the snow has finally melted. Birds are out and about.

I went for a walk today. I used runners, for the first time in a long time as the winter boots were to hot. When I got home, I had noticed that I am not comfortable in walking in my runners. As my feet were sore.

Then came to realize that I did not have the same support in the runners compared to the boots. My arches were very sore.

Please remember if you are doing any activity outside, and switching footwear. Transfer the inserts if you use them to the shoes you are doing the activity in. Remember to stretch the calves if going to longer walks then usual.

Anyways enjoy the weather!! Summer is going to come very soon.

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